Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Say no to taupe!

The Dancing Eye Gallery is now home to some original paintings from Metro-Detroit artist, Kill Taupe!

His paintings and illustrations are brimming with cuteness, humor, a little bit of odd, and of lots of color.

Monday, March 15, 2010

NEW! - Super Rad Nightlights

The Dancing Eye Gallery is now carrying the pop art nightlights of Katsu Designs.

Handmade in Kansas the line of nightlights are something to behold. These oversized nightlights are made out of metal, feature brightly colored finishes, unique placing of the bulbs and fun plexiglass inserts in some designs.

Gallery favorites include the bee design (pictured to the left), the campfire with flickering flame bulb, and the UFO nightlight which features a silhouette of an alien when it is lit.

Other designs include funky robots, a tree frog, race car, and lobster.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

New! - Great Lakes Dish Towel

We just received a fresh shipment of dish towels from Cat Studio. In addition to our classic Michigan dish towel, which features a silk screened image of everything that makes Michigan great, we now carry the Great Lakes towel.

The Great Lakes dish towel features a silk screened design and hand embroidered edging. Both of these towels come packaged in their own fabric case and make excellent gifts for someone moving to, or away from our lovely state. They also fit in excellently with up-north cabin decor.