Friday, May 29, 2009

Summer Friday Night Concert Series

It's time once again for the Friday Night Concert series to come to downtown Northville. Each Friday (May 29th - Aug. 28th) from 7-9pm the Town Square will host a different free concert from a local musical act.

May 29th - NHS Jazz Band Local jazz students

June 12th - Lady Sunshine & the X Band Motown/Soul
June 19th - Shawn Riley Band Top 40 Hits from Yesterday & Today
June 26th - Gia Warner Motown/Rock & Roll

July 3rd - Randy Brock Group Detroit Blues
July 10th - Mass Transit Top 40 Hits from Yesterday & Today
July 17th - The Kris K Band Rock & Roll/Americana
July 24th - Soul Academy Detroit Soul Review
July 31st - Fifty Amp Fuse Metro Detroit's Premiere Party Band

August 7th - The Millionaires Big Band, Swing & Pop
August 14th - Redhill Detroit Country
August 21st - Oak Pointe Contemporary Musical Review
August 28th - Steve King and the Dittilies Top 40 Hits

For more information please visit the Northville Parks & Recreation website.

Hot Picks! - June

Sushi Trays by Marlene Galperine
Perfect for serving any type of hours d'oeuvres at your next housewarming, shower or graduation party.
Assorted sizes and colors $36 - $42
Picked by Janine

Sandy Fisher Vintage Collage Jewelry
Sandy combines different elements, such as keys, buckles, photos and spoons, dating back to the late 1800's to create unique, one of a kind, pieces.
Necklace features paste diamonds (1890's), rhinestones (1940's) and glass pearls from Japan (1930's) $150
Picked by Susan

"Just Right" Magnet Board by Cherie Haney
The perfect gift for the grad in your life who needs to make their dorm a little snazzier. Boards come with memo pads, magnets and a magnetic pen.
Loaded "Just Right" Magnet Board $74 (other sizes & styles available)
Picked by Theresa

Getting to know Karryn from Part of the Heart Jewelry

My name is Karryn Mahle. I live in Novi and have loved living in Michigan my 40 plus years (oh no! I am old! wink) While Michigan has been "home base" ... I have traveled the world. The wanderlust attacked me at the young age of 15, when I went to Australia with Musical Youth International. I love to sing. My voice was the conduit to a "whole new world." Australia being the genesis of what then launched me to embark on wonderful adventures. That experience was the key that unlocked my passion for travel, piqued my curiosity regarding other cultures, inspired me to work harder - so I could take time and TRAVEL. To see the various countries was incredible .. to actually meet the locals and truly learn about "their" life was amazing to me. I went to MSU and have a degree in Speech Pathology ... yet, never worked a day in my life in the field. Isn't that how life so often happens? You start down one path and you find yourself on another.

swarovski & sterling earrings - $32

I actually "fell" into jewelry. I have always been creative and yet it wasn't until working with cancer patients that I combined one passion (travel) with a soon to be other (jewelry).

In my late 20's I was working in Radiation Oncology, at Providence Hospital. I was seeking to find what I wanted to do with my life. College was done - yet, I knew Speech Path wasn't for me. It was while working with the cancer patients that I discovered and began my quest of jewelry design. The patient's courage while fighting for their lives - ignited within me a will to live my life fully. I truly was blessed to be working with cancer patients. Those people ,I met, made an impact on my life/my heart in such a way that I will never be able to describe - nor will I ever be able to thank them for their gift to me. I was dabbling with jewelry when we decided to do a support group for the patients ... let them experience the 'fun' ... take their mind off their cancer for a few hours .. expose them to something new .... Well, that was the intention - however, in the end - the patient's hated the beading (it was too tedious to say the least) - I was completely bitten by the creative bug.

swarovski earrings - $34

I began creating jewelry in 1995 ..I would burn the candles at both ends .. working with cancer patients during the day and creating at night. I got very little sleep. Yet, when you are ensconced in your passion -- you don't realize the time that is passing. I began to sell to those I worked with, did home parties, internet sales, art fairs, and then started selling in boutiques/galleries across the U.S. and Internationally. I could no longer burn the candle as I was ... it was taking a toll on my life. It was in June of 2001 that I left 17 years of "security" to follow my passion. There I was .. I took the leap .. no fear ... just excitement ... I was going to create and sell my jewelry ... what could be more exciting?

Life is funny ... 2 months later I was diagnosed with cancer. What a strange turn of events ... I was now being tested on a level that I never thought I would face. Thankfully, the cancer was caught early and I am cancer free to this day. While my health has been very rough over the years, making it difficult to work for months at a time, I still have the desire to keep touching lives. Ironic how my jewelry became therapeutic for me and it allows me to still touch loves.. What I once offered to others to help them through a difficult time was now helping me.

swarovski & sterling bracelet - $65

My art is expression of my soul .. my passion ... hope .. overcoming any challenge ... empowering. Nurturing the inner spirit ... expressing one's self/soul. My pieces aren't about buying into what mass media tells you what you should be, but about finding a piece that speaks to the individual and echoes their personality. I believe that jewelry can influence the way you feel; it can say and mean something different to every wearer.....

My creations are from my heart. The energy, the love, my passion are all wrapped up in every treasure I create. Whether it be a semi-precious or precious stone (ahhhh), a piece of hand blown glass, incredible Thai or Bali silver,or the amazing Swarovski crystal ... it's not that I have a design planned when buying the beads. Quite the opposite .. it's as if the stones speak to me .. I am drawn to beads and when I touch them .. feel their energy ..I see a design in my mind. I know to some ... this may sound like "freakish" .. but, those of you who know what it's like to be in your element and to feel the excitement bubble up within you .. can appreciate what I am trying to say.

glass & swarovski necklace - $45

My work station is a complete and utter mess .. yet, it's a colorful, yummalicious mess! .. Amazing beads! My studio is my haven.

Unfortunately, I have been very ill for the past few years. I literally died in March 2006. My health has taken me on a journey of sheer depths .. but, may I say .. there have been many moments of unbridled and earth-shattering joy. Blessed am I to be able to turn to my jewelry for comfort. Not only is it my livelihood - it's what makes my heart beat. It has gotten me through my darkest of moments.

To be able to touch a life with my jewelry means everything to me. On my earring cards .. I have words that express my love for life, for art, for the moment. I have a story card that is enclosed with every purchase ... sharing the story of how Part of the Heart came to be and what Part of the Heart truly means. I am continually asked ... Do you still love creating? My answer: Absotootinglootly ... I am amazed that after 14 years I am still lucky to be following my heart. My designs are forever changing ... it's part of my journey ... the creativity is telling it's own story. I just appreciate 8 years ago - the leap of faith I took - to follow my heart.

swarovski, stone & sterling necklace - $100

As I create for the first time in almost a year .. you will see the changes in my creations... influenced by the journey I have been on ... I hope to take some classes in the future .. to further enhance my lines ... I would love to learn to work with metals more and I am sure once the door of soldering and molding silver opens up to me ... look out .. the possibilities are endless for what I will birth.

Believe in yourself and it's amazing what you can achieve!

Devour life! Don't waste a moment!

Share a smile , take a moment to breathe in life, cherish those around you and be grateful for the opportunity to touch a life.

xo Karryn .... (FINALLY, back in the studio ...creating ... WAHOO!!!)

glass earrings - $30