Monday, February 22, 2010


Also new in the gallery this week are shamrock tiles ($14 - $20) and small dishes ($26 - $30) from Convergence Tile. Their botanical themed tiles are created using impressions of leaves gathered primarily in the Catskill region of New York and western Washington. This handmade process results in tiles that are similar, but always unique!

New Raku

The gallery has just received a fresh shipment of raku vases and bowls from Michigan artist Marlene Galperine. They each have unique textures and flourishes and start at only $25.

We also have a wide variety of stunning raku tiles in from Judy Bruttell.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Tapestry Jackets from Winding River

Winding River is a family based business based in Braintree, MA. Their jackets are geared towards today's contemporary woman looking to own a unique piece of clothing that can be dressed up or down for a reasonable price. They are constantly searching for exciting fabrics and designs and all of their jackets are proudly made in the USA.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

New artist at the gallery - JustKraft Designs

The Dancing Eye Gallery is now carrying the work of Michigan crafter JustKraft Designs. Pop in to see our selection of adorable picture frames, tiles and pendants.

Detroit News Interview w/ Barb Yerace

Taking a glass-blowing class back in 1980 at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh left Barbara Thomas-Yerace with a crystal-clear vision of what she hoped would someday be her livelihood.

"I got a bachelor of fine arts (degree) and just happened to take glass-blowing. I did painting and all the different mediums, but when I took glass, I knew that was what I wanted to continue doing," says the Saline resident.

She's been living her dream ever since 1988 when she started her business, formerly known as Creative Glasswear, to represent the lampwork she did for her jewelry-making. Although she still makes glass beads, the name has recently been changed to Yerace Glass Studio.

How's business? Well, just four years ago, she had a two-story, 1,300-square-foot studio built in her backyard where she does hot glass and lampwork, in addition to offering private lessons. She also teaches both crafts at Ella Sharp Museum in Jackson and the Ann Arbor Art Center.

Inspired by wildlife, nature and color, Thomas-Yerace creates a variety of decorative and functional glass objects, including ornaments, tumblers, bowls, paperweights, rondelle plates and flowers shaped like morning glories, similar to the ones that caught her eye years ago while working at Greenfield Village.

When it comes to working with glass, the successful artist says, "I love it; I love teaching the craft, I love keeping the tradition of the craft going, and I love the chemistry that's involved with it."

Pieces of her unique work are sold at Biddle Gallery in Wyandotte, Dancing Eye in Northville, Ann Arbor Art Center, Kalamzaoo Institute of Arts, Side Door Gallery in Dexter and Water Street Gallery in Douglas, Mich. Prices range from $24-$1,000.

Wilburton Pottery

Detail: Man with Guitar Tile
The gallery has just received a fresh batch of tiles from Wilburton Pottery. Located in Bellvue Washington, each of Wilburton Pottery's tiles is created individually using one of their hand carved original molds. They use porcelain clayand their tiles are fired twice. The first firing is a bisque firing then, after a glaze is applied, they are fired a second time. Because they are fired at a high temperature, these stunning black and white tiles are hardy outdoors even in freezing conditions.
Wilburton Pottery had its beginnings fifteen years ago when Bob Jewett experimented in creating garden pottery for his home. He saw the need for pottery that would withstand winter cold and dampness, yet was aesthetically pleasing as well. After a few years of experimentation in designs, construction, and glazes, he developed pottery that served both of these purposes. Using decorative relief patterns, fine glazes, and hand pressing of clay into molds, he created a unique brand of contemporary pottery in the classical tradition.

In 1994, Bob turned his hobby into his business. His wife Iris and daughters Laura and Leonora joined him in design and production. They named the business after their neighborhood in Bellevue, Washington, and started selling their handcrafted tiles, pots, and ornaments at art and garden fairs throughout the Pacific Northwest.

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