Saturday, August 2, 2008

Spotlight on Pewabic Pottery

When someone mentions artisan tile in Michigan it's hard not to mention Pewabic Pottery in the same breath. Pewabic is by far the best known maker of handmade tile and pottery pieces in the area. Their bold blue and green glazes and unique arts and crafts style make them a favorite amongst collectors. They've been producing tile from their studio in Detroit since 1903 and are still going strong today.

Pewabic Studio

A brief history of the studio from Pewabic Pottery:
"Founded in 1903 by Mary Chase Perry Stratton and Horace J. Caulkins, Pewabic Pottery is a studio for the design and production of architectural tile and vessels and a center for the advancement of the ceramic arts. Stratton and Caulkins' work at Pewabic and their involvement with the Society for Arts and Crafts, Cranbrook Academy of Art and the Detroit Instuiitute of Arts made substantial contribution to the Arts and Crafts movement in Detroit. Pewabic has earned a national reputation for its tile commissions and unique glazes particularly the iridescent formulas - which can be seen in homes and institutions throughout the country. Important early installations include the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington D.C.; Christ Church Cranbrook; and the Guardian Building, Holy Redeemer Church and St. Paul's Cathedral in Detroit. Pewabic is also represented in many museums and private collections."

Pewabic Sampler

The Dancing Eye gallery is proud to carry a tile and pottery line with such a rich history. We currently stock Pewabic's tile line, vases and mugs. We can also happily order anything for you out of their current catalog in a variety of Pewabic glazes.