Saturday, January 3, 2009

Spotlight on Doug Spalding

Michigan artist Doug Spalding has been working with clay since 1981 and has been a full time studio artist since 1990. He strives to create art that is fun and fun to make. His ceramic art reflects his lifelong interest in architecture and surface design.

Doug's raku tiles are each drawn by hand and then outlined with a black wax resist. Each color glaze is then applied. The tiles are fired in a raku kiln, then removed while they are still glowing hot and placed into combustible materials which promote crackle and luster efects.

For his traditional tiles Doug creates a plaster mold from his original designs. Each tile is hand pressed and then bisque fired. Each tile is hand decorated with multiple layers of glaze and then fired once more.

Doug's use of pop culture imagery, bright colors and fun subject matter make his tiles stand out at the Dancing Eye Gallery.