Friday, May 29, 2009

Hot Picks! - June

Sushi Trays by Marlene Galperine
Perfect for serving any type of hours d'oeuvres at your next housewarming, shower or graduation party.
Assorted sizes and colors $36 - $42
Picked by Janine

Sandy Fisher Vintage Collage Jewelry
Sandy combines different elements, such as keys, buckles, photos and spoons, dating back to the late 1800's to create unique, one of a kind, pieces.
Necklace features paste diamonds (1890's), rhinestones (1940's) and glass pearls from Japan (1930's) $150
Picked by Susan

"Just Right" Magnet Board by Cherie Haney
The perfect gift for the grad in your life who needs to make their dorm a little snazzier. Boards come with memo pads, magnets and a magnetic pen.
Loaded "Just Right" Magnet Board $74 (other sizes & styles available)
Picked by Theresa