Monday, June 8, 2009

Something Sweet is in the Air

The gallery has just received a fresh batch of delicious Votivo candles. Since its inception in 1994, Votivo has built a worldwide reputation for high quality home fragrances and distinctive packaging. Each Votivo product is a culmination of care and commitment to detail. Each candle is hand-crafted. Each tissue is hand-wrapped. Each pewter seal is hand-pressed. Each candle is specially made. At the heart of every Votivo candle is a unique fragrance meticulously formulated and layered to reflect depth, richness, and complexity. Our candles are famous for their ability to quickly fill a room with wonderful fragrances. As one of the original domestically made luxury candle lines, Votivo passionately pursues excellence in the art of candle making.

We carry over 15 different fragrances that are guaranteed to make your nose happy. New scents include Clean Crisp White, Tuscan Olive and Honeysuckle. We're also stocked up on favorites like Red Currant, Pondicherry Sandalwood and White Ocean Sands.