Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Yes MichiCAN Trunk Show - Nov. 6th

From Yes MichiCAN:
Looking for something to send a loved one living out of the state for the holidays? A shirt with a message about our state might be the
answer and will be a gift that will keep on giving back here in Michigan. Two local Northville women created a few slogans to help lift the spirits of Michiganders this summer and are using the messages to help unemployed workers. Don’t Mess with the Mitten and MichiCAN slogans are being sold on t-shirts in stores throughout the Metro Detroit area. “People walk by the t-shirts and stop and smirk and turn back around to take another look,” said Terri O’Brien. Lisa Burnia says people definitely react when they see the shirts. “People walk by and they know exactly what it means and get a smirk on their face and a look of pride comes over them. Everybody is proud to have grown up here and want to stay and raise their families here in Michigan.”

Burnia says the idea was not to just sell shirts, but to create a sense of pride. They are donating part of the money they make off the sales of the shirts to Schoolcraft Foundation, Gleaners Food Banks and Bridgepointe, three organizations that are helping unemployed workers.

New fall colors will be available at the trunk show on Friday, November 6th. We hope you'll join us during downtown Northville's First Friday.