Monday, October 26, 2009

Available Display Pieces

The gallery is selling off some of it's unique display pieces to make room for more sweet handmade merchandise. If you are interested in any of the pieces below please contact the gallery for availability and prices at 248-449-7086

Vintage Coat Rack Vintage MaxFactor Case Display Shelf Card Catalog Speckled Table Black metal shelf Marquee Display Old Hotel Key Board Green Medicine Cabinet Fused Glass Tower

Monday, October 19, 2009

Halloween decor an easy transition into fall - The Detroit News

Halloween decor an easy transition into fall
By Jeanine Matlow
From The Detroit News

As the leaves begin to change to brighter hues, it's your cue to follow suit inside your home. Combine your favorite Halloween finds with some fall-themed accents to stretch your decor through the end of November.

Theresa Schierloh, owner of Dancing Eye Gallery in Northville, says Halloween has become one of the most popular holidays of the year for decorating.

"People go all out in this historic neighborhood," she says. "It's like Mardi Gras. It's crazy."

Though she says most of her customers buy Halloween-themed items for themselves, the store's signature tiles, made by local artists, make the perfect hostess gift for anyone having a Halloween party.

"Halloween segues into Thanksgiving and fall decorating in general," Schierloh says. So, while an orange tile with a pumpkin motif may be in sync with October, the same theme in off-white or brown will last through the end of autumn.

Some customers collect witch-themed tiles, while others prefer the classic black cat.

"People who like cats tend to like the cat theme for Halloween," Schierloh says.

Beaded tile stands or easels make it easy to transition from one holiday to the next, while twig stands add texture along with a nod to nature.

For the quintessential centerpiece, a ceramic vase by a local artist looks like a carved pumpkin. Featuring a lovely leaf motif made from Michigan leaves, the quirky container can be filled with flowers or Halloween candy.

Schierloh also carries Pashminas and ponchos in ochre, orange and black that do double-duty as table coverings or throws. Sometimes all it takes is a splash of color to convey a seasonal theme. Leaf trays, typically used as ring dishes, become candle holders for the occasion.

Terra-cotta pottery, which is often associated with summer, has been a popular choice lately, Schierloh says.

"Now people are thinking of it more in terms of fall colors," she says.

This is the season to engage the senses.

"People really notice scents during this time of year," Schierloh says. A fall-inspired candle is a rich addition to your seasonal decor.

Other original offerings include a decoupaged box shaped like a coffin and a decorative purse covered in vintage Halloween cards. The purse can be used for display purposes or as a grown-up goody bag for trick or treating. Bracelets and pins by the same local artist can be incorporated into your decor. The $5 pins make great napkin holders and party favors for your guests, while the $10 bracelets can hang from branches alongside orange star ornaments. For those throwing a Halloween bash, bone chillers are little ice cube trays that allow you to make ice shaped like skulls and crossbones.

So, what is it about Halloween and fall decor that's so appealing?

"The weather forces us to be indoors," Schierloh says. "Since we're spending more time inside, we want to change it up, make it fresh."

Lastly, she says, "We're burning candles, making our rooms look nice and smell nice, and we kind of want to bring the outside in."

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Yes MichiCAN Trunk Show - Nov. 6th

From Yes MichiCAN:
Looking for something to send a loved one living out of the state for the holidays? A shirt with a message about our state might be the
answer and will be a gift that will keep on giving back here in Michigan. Two local Northville women created a few slogans to help lift the spirits of Michiganders this summer and are using the messages to help unemployed workers. Don’t Mess with the Mitten and MichiCAN slogans are being sold on t-shirts in stores throughout the Metro Detroit area. “People walk by the t-shirts and stop and smirk and turn back around to take another look,” said Terri O’Brien. Lisa Burnia says people definitely react when they see the shirts. “People walk by and they know exactly what it means and get a smirk on their face and a look of pride comes over them. Everybody is proud to have grown up here and want to stay and raise their families here in Michigan.”

Burnia says the idea was not to just sell shirts, but to create a sense of pride. They are donating part of the money they make off the sales of the shirts to Schoolcraft Foundation, Gleaners Food Banks and Bridgepointe, three organizations that are helping unemployed workers.

New fall colors will be available at the trunk show on Friday, November 6th. We hope you'll join us during downtown Northville's First Friday.