Monday, April 4, 2011

It's Hummingbird time! Feeders out, everyone!

Did you know:

That hummingbirds can fly left, right, up, down, backwards and even upside down?

That they only use their feet for perching--not hopping or walking?

That their life span is about four years?

That because their hearts beat so fast and they have a high body temperature, they have to eat often and require enormous amounts of food--nectar, tree sap, pollen and insects?

That they can lick their food at a rate of up to 13 licks per second with their long tongues?

That they are considered endangered due to habitat destruction?

That due to climate changes and changes in migratory patterns, it may be difficult for them to find food?

You can do your part to promote the continuity of their species and get a thrill out of catching one feeding by putting out a beautiful feeder filled with nectar and making your yard a friendly place for a much-needed food stop on their long journey.

Flit on over to the Dancing Eye Gallery to see our selection of hummingbird feeders by Creative Glasswear. Maybe you'll even find a tile depicting that tiny, busy, hungry little bird like the one in the picture by Michael and Josh Cohen.