Thursday, November 3, 2011

Vessels for Thanksgiving Dinner

Today, a customer mentioned to me that Thanksgiving is her favorite holiday and that she feels that it gets passed up with Halloween being so big, then Christmas rushing in to take over.
Well, I thought that I would give Thanksgiving its due by making it a focus of our blog for the next few weeks.
This week, we will concentrate on 'vessels.' According to the dictionary, a vessel is a container for holding something. Simple enough. Maybe even one of the first things fashioned by man.
The three photos above are samples of vessels that you will find at the Dancing Eye Gallery to prepare you for Thanksgiving entertaining. What other time in the year do you need a collection of vessels other than Thanksgiving?

Photo 1: Leaf tray by Marlene Galperin in beautiful Michigan colors.

Photo 2; 3 sizes of lace bowls by Black Cat Studio available in fall/earthtone shades.

Photo 3: Michigan license plate inspired vase by Marlene Galperin. (pssst, it will hold a wine bottle so you don't stain that white tablecloth with a red wine ring!)

There are many more where these came from, so trot on in to the gallery and see our great selection.